About Andrea

"Andrea Holland’s work is intelligent, graceful and poignant...the quality of experience in it is universally humane, the form precise and necessary, the perception original, the language sharp, on a knife-edge." – George Szirtes.

"...What holds [these poems] together is a questing intelligence, a self that feeds on art and literature and autobiographical experience to create poems that are not only vividly observed but also interesting and moving." – Vicki Feaver.
Andrea Holland, poet, hat-wearer

Andrea Holland is a poet, author and creative writing tutor living and working in Norwich.

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Broadcasting by Andrea Holland (Gatehouse Press 2013)
Andrea's collection, Broadcasting, was published by Gatehouse Press (2013) as the winner of the Café Writers Norfolk Commission Award for poetry. Since the book focuses on the 1942 requisition of several Norfolk villages for D-Day training, it should interest readers of poetry but also anyone interested in East Anglian or regional history. Should you feel inclined, you can buy Broadcasting here. In addition, a limited number of signed copies are available at Jarrold's and the wonderfully eclectic Book Hive.

"Broadcasting is less about remembrance than the way we forget... the slow erasure of local customs, sayings and memories. Just as the bricks and mortar of once-loved homes are taken back by the landscape, "asleep with bramble"; what's left are glimpses and fragments – the smell of russet apples, the gritty texture of rabbit picked from the bone, the "sweet twirl" of a folk dance – but these only serve to emphasise the sense of absence in these poignant poems (which) reveal the hidden casualties of a war we thought we knew." - Bloodaxe poet Esther Morgan.

"Andrea Holland's poems treat their historical material with respect - but it is the easy respect of true acquaintance. She re-imagines the scenes of country life in wartime with vivid, present detail that grows from a love of the landscape as well as research, and is animated by a special sensitivity to loss. Far from distancing the place and people, her inventive, even playful language gives them back their life" - Philip Gross (T.S. Eliot award winning poet, inc The Water Table, Deep Field, The Egg of Zero, Mappa Mundi) on Broadcasting.
Borrowed, Andrea's collection of poems
Andrea's previous collection of poems, Borrowed, is published by Smith/Doorstop Press (the book co-won The Poetry Business first-stage prize in 2007), and has attracted reviews from SphinxNew Hope International and Happenstance. Borrowed is available from Waterstone's here.

Andrea has been a     winner of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly poetry competition, and a runner-up for the annual MsLexia poetry competition. She has also featured in the National Portrait Gallery's 'Picture the Poet' series, and has poems in a number of literary journals including The RialtoThe North and Smith’s Knoll) as well as poetry anthologies. Andrea also writes short stories and was commissioned to work with visual artists for several collaborative projects, including for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, and for Creative Arts East.

Andrea teaches Creative Writing (part time) at the University of East Anglia and also works as a freelance editor and tutor in writing and English as a Second Language.

Andrea was born in London and after 14 years in the U.S. she now lives in Norwich with her sons.